Struggling to create eCovers for your products and can't afford a graphic designer?..

..Without The Help Of A Graphic Designer!

Screenshots of 3D Cover Creator!


"Hey Aaron! Thanks for a great piece of software! I didn't have a copy of Photoshop and I'm not ready to invest in a copy for myself nor do I have time to learn how to use it so your software is a great alternative.

All I had to do was import my flat images into 3D Cover Creator, select a suitable template and adjust my lighting and shadowing and I had a very decent looking eCover for my eBook.

Not bad for 5 minutes of work :)


- Alistar Smith


"Another great piece of software! I honestly thought you needed real skills to create eCovers but you've proven me wrong!

I have always been keen on the idea of creating my own digital products. Converting a word file to pdf is one thing, but bringing it to life is another.."

- Joy Hamilton


From The Desk Of Aaron Danker
Re: How To Make Your Own Quality eCovers On A Tight Budget

You work very in and day out to get traffic (free and paid) to your site, only to have your visitor leave because your website looks "junky and unprofessional!"

The truth is, nobody wants to buy trash! That's exactly what's in the visitors mind when they see your website that doesn't have a professional eCover representing your 'fabulous' product.

I mean, don't get me wrong. You may have the best product in the world, and you'll know that - but if your site looks trashy, your products must be too right?

It's just some simple in-built psychological association that people have. Here's a simple example...

I'm a movies freak and I watch a lot of movies. I see so many that I now get selective as to which ones I will watch and rent on DVD. So to filter down and decide which one I will pick as I skim through the movie covers.

When I find a cover that catches my eye, I'll go into the film details and check out what it's about.

People will give good looking 'objects' their preference and time. Attractive, professional eCovers will catch the interest of your market, no question.

Don't have big money to spend on expensive software?

Don't have a creative bone in your body?

Well don't worry because...

With 3D Cover Creator You Will Be Able To..

red tick Quickly and easily create 15 different eCover styles on the fly
red tick Not have to worry about installing complex or expensive action scripts
red tick Import .psd, .jpg, .gif, .bmp and .png images directly into the software
red tick Create amazing looking eCovers with just a few mouse clicks
red tick Save valuable time and money trying to learn other action scripts
red tick Make your website look more professional and clean looking.

3D Cover Creator makes creating 3D eBooks, software boxes, DVD's, & CD's amazingly simple and the best part is it's compatible with any graphics editor!

So whether you've just started designing or you're an experienced graphic artist, this really cool software application will make it "point and click easy" to create incredible eCovers!


With Just A Few Simple Clicks Of Your Mouse You Can Quickly And Easily Create Jaw-Dropping Virtual Covers!

Let me show you how to get started in 3 easy steps..


Select Your eCover

Select the eCover you want to use for your product and click "Apply".


Select Your Color

Select from the color palette or import the images for your cover and then choose some preferences that suit your taste.


Save And Export!

Now just click on the "Save picture" icon to export your image to the desired file type.



See How Quick And Easy That Was?..
Just 3 Simple Steps And You're Done!

With this eCover software you no longer have to worry if it's compatible with your graphics editor. Since this is a software and not an action script, you don't have to have Photoshop to make it work.

As long as your graphics editor can import/export .png, .psd, .jpg, gif or .bmp then you can use this software to create slick looking 3D eCovers!

With 3D Cover Creator You Can...

red tick Easily find the 3D cover to match or represent your product or service
red tick  Adjust the width and height for your eCover
red tick  Adjust the shadow, reflection and highlights for your cover
red tick  Import custom graphics or choose from the color palette
red tick  Create a transparent background or flip the box horizontally
red tick 

Easily export and save your eCover project to it's own folder


"It's Simple Really...3D Cover Creator Will Save You Time and Make Creating eCovers For Your Products Quick, Painless And Easy!"


Work From 15 Ready-Made Base
Templates And Adjust The Lighting And Shadows To Your Needs!



It really couldn't be easier!

Here in front of you is the software that will allow you to product an unlimited amount of eCover images for your product or services. You'll have a chance to excel past your competition who will still be wondering how on earth you created your eCover and you'll finally be able to put a face to your products.

Here's What Other's Have To Say..

"..Pleasantly Surprised At The Versatility And Quality Of The Results!.."

I am really impressed with the 3D Cover Creator!

It’s innovative software that allows you to bring your simple company logos, product pictures, and covers to life by taking them to the next level with an extra dimension. In doing so, the virtual objects actually seem to gain credibility, seeing as how they now appear to hold real contents.

Knowing that I can personally create exactly what I need in minutes, reduces the hassle greatly and makes me wonder why anyone would pay excessive amounts of money to a graphic designer for practically the same thing.

For simplicity, originality, and reliability, designing with 3D Cover Creator is the way to go.

Montreal, QC

"This Is A Must-Have Piece Of Software.. Thanks For Creating It!"

You don't know how long I've been waiting to find an affordable, easy to use, but powerful 3D Cover Creator software package. Yours fit the bill nicely!

Now I won't have to pay other vendors to make my 3D covers for me. This alone, saves me hundreds of dollars! Not only that, but your quality software was less expensive than many of your competitors (especially when you offered it for that special price)!

I made some simple images with text in Microsoft Paint and 3D Cover Creator converted them instantly into a 3D cover! It was great! The main thrust of this program is to conveniently take my image and transform it into a quality 3D cover, which it does really well!

On my own, I would have spent long hours on some expensive software in trying to create a 3D cover, but your affordable program knocked that time down to mere minutes!

This is a must-have piece of software for my business. Thanks for creating it!

Russell Littlecreek


I'm sure you agree that getting hold of this software will remove the need for you to call on a graphic designer every time you need a new eCover done. Graphic designers can charge $47 or more just for one design - whereas 3D Cover Creator will produce as many designs as you want in different styles and angles. Not to mention that it will deliver it to you within minutes, not days!

Wait!.. That's Not All!..

Order 3D Cover Creator Today And Receive 1000+ Sales Page 'Scribbles' To Add That Human Touch To Your Websites!

These rough and ready graphics add a warm 'human' and friendly feel to your sales pages that make a change to all the cold, hard and robotic 'sell sell sell, buy me' sales letters out there!

Take A Look Below At The Ready-Made Graphics You Can
Instantly Drag 'n' Drop Into Your Sites!

Get 1,000's Of Different Marketing Phrases....

1000s Of Symbols, Arrows, Alerts, Smileys..
And More!..

Everything Organized And Entirely Managable
For Quick And Easy-To-Find Access!

This Package Is Huge! Literally 27000+
Different Designs Packed Into 100MB Of Content!

Here's a written break down of what's included!..

Module # 1 - Marketing Phrases

tickFull sentences that lead into another paragraph.
red tickSection headings like "Testimonials", "Step 1, 2, 3, etc.", "Bonus 1, 2, 3, etc.."
red tickCalls to action like "Get your copy now", "Take action now", etc..
red tickPrices
red tickSingle letters and numbers
red tickSingle keywords

And much more..

Module # 2 - Marketing Shapes

red tickArrows
red tickCheckmarks
red tickStars
red tickUnderlines
red tickSome key phrases with graphics around them

And much more..

Each of the scribble images comes in transparent PNG format. Which means you can use them on any color background, and even on pattern backgrounds (not just white backgrounds).

All you have to do is download the package, and then give your sales letter an instant makeover in minutes.  Well, there are over 27,000 files in this package, and it took quite a bit of hard work to put all of this together. I can easily charge $97 for this work but because you've already invested in the animations pack you can get this package for only.. $27 extra! FREE as a bonus to 3D Cover Creator!

So on that basis, read through the form below and see if you agree to the following..

3D Cover Creator
60 Day NO-Risk Acceptance Form!

Yes Aaron! I want to start creating my own quality eCovers! I understand that I will be getting the software that will allow to create an unlimited amount of eCovers for my products or services.

Yes! I understand that I am getting another 27000+ different sales page scribbles to add that human touch to my sales pages.

And Yes! I understand that if I'm not totally satisified with 3D Cover Creator and the results to brings for me I can ask for a full refund, even 60 days from now.

Order Now For A One Time Payment Of Only $49.95 $27!
(Limited To The First 100 89 23 Orders Only)

P.S. Don't let this software pass you by! You may not find another cost effective tool like this anywhere else!

P.P.S. For once you don't have to spend so much time on your product 'face'. You can just focus your attention on working on the product, rather than in it!

P.P.P.S. Download your copy now, give it a test drive! If you're not completely satisfied with what this can do for you, shoot me an Email and I'll refund you!


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